Nicolay Telegin.


Born in Kursk in summer of 1972. Finished school and railway technical school.
Engaged in photo from the first half of 90th years of 20th century.
The founder of studio "ZNA" and its only member. Cooperating with Kursk gallery "AZ", where had four personal exhibitions: "Statics", "Are There Few Don Pedroe In Brazil?", "The Eight Planet", "The Unfinished". Now the cycles "Lobotomy", "Old People Things", "Sugar Plant "Communar", "Pictures With The Sourse Of The Light In A Still", "Kursk Painters" are in process of revision. There are from 30 to 100 pictures in each cycle. Trying to do the things which nobody would do or could do. Dreaming about nothing. The last time I treat my pictures with healthy scepticism, but I like them.
I want to express my great thanks to Kursk Committee of Youth Affairs and Alexander Marcovchin personally for comprehensive help in leasing the apartament for studio "ZNA". Separate thanks to Dimid for the idea and creating of this site, and Alex K. & Roman K. for the translation of this site in to English.
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